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Boston Electrolysis® National Yellow Pages©

America’s National Directory of Licensed & Registered Electrologists©

For Licensed & Registered Electrologists Only

Your Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Board Certified Electrologist In Massachusetts & Utah
Board Certified Electrologist
America's First Computer Electrology Specialist©
Computerized Electrology-Electrolysis-Blend
7330 E. Earll Drive, Suite J
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

It is my professional opinion America needs a national electrologists directory for state licensed and registered electrologists only. It’s a known fact that the best electrologists are educated, trained, tested, experienced, licensed and registered and dedicated to our chosen profession. Furthermore unprincipled non-licensed electrologists will not be allowed to advertise on the Boston Electrolysis® Yellow Pages in any form or manner. The "Non-Licensed Electrologists" use abuse and monopolize America’s Internet search pages by using cloaked script, domain squatting, page jacking, copying your Meta Tags and other nasty unethical SEO AKA Search Engine Optimization tactics, also as spamming to steal from or block out honest state licensed and registered electrologists listings.

The Boston Electrolysis® National Yellow Pages© is a first come first serve opportunity and those who list first will be maintained in order by seniority.

Every where you go on the Internet the "Non-Licensed Electrologists" block the consumer from knowing of and having the best selection and access to a superior choice when it comes to selecting their electrologist for permanent hair removal. Therefore I have the created The Boston Electrolysis® National Directory of Licensed & Registered Electrologists© This directory will provide the consumer with the best possible selection that will result in their unwanted hair problem being permanently removed. If you’re state licensed and registered electrologists in good standing and would like to be listed on The Boston Electrolysis® National Directory of Licensed & Registered Electrologists© please send your listing to: and allow seven to ten days for your listing to be posted. In addition for licensed electrologists like myself who practice in states with no requirements you will be posted in the state you reside with your state license and registration, however the listing it will say "No Licensing Requirements". 

The Use of Titles on Boston Electrolysis® National Yellow Pages©

Regarding the use of titles on The Boston Electrolysis Yellow Pages America’s National Directory© of Licensed & Registered Electrologists© will be uniform and you will be listed as, example "Jane Doe, R.E., Lic. 1983, California Licensed & Registered Electrologist & Licensed Instructor." Also if you are a licensed & registered instructor of electrolysis it will read, Jane Doe, R.E., and Lic. 1983. Attention, if you’re a currently licensed electrologist in a state with no licensing requirements please specify what state you are licensed in and that will be noted on your listing. 

Below are acceptable listings on how name and title will appear.

Jane Doe, R.E., Lic. 1983

Jane Doe, R E., R.I. (Registered Instructor)

Under no circumstances will the following Diploma Mill Titles and their initials be allowed on The Boston Electrolysis® Americas National Directory of Licensed & Registered Electrologists©.

Non-Approved Diploma Mill Titles

Certified Professional Electrologist, CPE

Certified Medical Electrologist, CME

Certified Clinical Electrologist, CCE

Certified Electrologist, CE

Member of the International Guild of Electrologists, IGOPE

It Pays To Advertise On Boston Electrolysis® Yellow Pages©

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Boston Electrolysis© Where Electrolysis Is Practiced As Scientific Art With a Medical Approach©



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